Record Breaking LCD Wall

RichTech has built the largest multimedia and interactive LCD wall in the world for Megapolis Entertainment Center at Doha, Qatar. The whole wall includes five interactive areas and each area is compose of different interactive themes. Standing in front of the screen, you can see vividly elephants running from your side as well as pterosaurs flying across your head.

Since 2006, the national population of Qatar has increased by over a million. Megapolis Entertainment Center and their partner real estate powerhouse Parma Group recently approached RichTech and asked us to come up with a creative way of drawing out those customers and increasing overall sales. The decision to make the world’s largest Interactive LCD Screen Wall became a reality. We have gone to great efforts to make Megapolis stand out as the ultimate family entertainment center unique to any other in the Middle East.

This project actually broke two world records:
1)Largest Multimedia Interactive LCD Screen Wall
2)Largest Multi-Touch Screen

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